Winter Post – Penguins, Drilling, Scuba & Ice

It’s winter in Antartica, and perhaps that slows down the speed of posting news and updates here.  It’s cold!

But as always, we’re concerned about tracking important environmental changes.  Scientists are trying hard to monitor our ice, but with older technology.   Old and not-so-old technology is used to monitor penquin poo of emperor penguins, while newer technology is used to drill down in places such as Lake Vostok to find microbes and more.  Lake Vostok is the largest sub-glacial lake in Antarctica – it is located far under the surface.

Lake Vostok Antartica drilling

And in other news, you can read this report from a world traveler who scuba dived beneath the antartic circle, seeing leopard seals, fur seals, whales, starfish, and of course penguins.  Smaller antartic animals mentioned include amphipods and copepods.  There may have been an iPod spotted as well!

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